A Design Well-Placed

A one-time project placement service for your best interior design projects

We help get your interior design projects featured in the magazines you love, so that you start attracting more of your dream clients. You know, the ones who believe, “No budget is the best budget.” (Said in our best Martyn Lawrence Bullard voice—R.I.P.“Million Dollar Decorator!”)



We’ve placed design projects in national magazines like AD, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens as well as popular design and lifestyle sites like Domino, MyDomaine, and RUE

Speaking of RUE, our interview with the editorial director is a must-watch. Not a must-watch like “Schitt’s Creek” in 2020, but it will teach you a lot about getting your projects published. Or your money back! (Just kidding, it’s free.)

A Design Well-Placed is a flat rate to get one complete home tour (must include all major rooms) published exclusively in one media outlet—it’s a great way to dip your toe into the world of interior design PR and the most economical way to work with us.

I’m guessing you’ve bought rugs that cost more. And no rug is going to give you credibility, validation or the confidence to stand behind your rates. But getting published will.

A Design Well-Placed is for you if:

✓ You have a new full home project that you can’t wait for the world to see

✓ You have no time and energy to focus on your own PR

✓ You know you need PR, but aren’t yet ready for a monthly commitment

✓ You want to stand out in a saturated market

✓ You want someone who knows what they’re doing to hold your hand through the process of getting published


Space is limited:

We take on a small curated selection of projects each month in order to maintain our 99% placement rate. Please know at this time we are only taking on full home tours for this service. We offer one room pitching to our monthly retainer clients.

Ready to up your credibility? Hit the “Help me get published” button and we will be in touch soon.

What surprised me most about working with The Storied Group was how easy it was, how personal—like working with a friend who owns a business!
— Sharon Astrin, Designer (Published in Domino)


What’s Included




(We ask that you send your project photos via Dropbox.)





..in one media outlet from our agreed upon list.



Includes everything the magazine needs to know in order to say YES to your project.




Receive consistent updates on our pitch efforts.

List of



A List of outlets we think would be a good fit for your project.





We schedule any needed interviews and oversee the placement from beginning to end.



The Storied Group Presents: Ask an Editor

Featuring Kelli Lamb, Editorial Director RUE

Kelli Lamb is the Editorial Director of RUE magazine, a design and lifestyle publication that focuses on the stylish life. In this interview with Molly Schoneveld from interior design PR firm The Storied Group, you will learn the following about how to get published in the magazine:

  • What big changes are coming to RUE!

  • Who is the RUE audience (their likes and dislikes)

  • Print vs online and what it means for you

  • What makes her say YES to a pitch! ‘

  • What does exclusivity mean?

And so much more!


What Clients Are Saying


“Molly truly knocked it out of the park for our home remodel with an Architectural Digest feature, supported by tons of social media. From the beginning she was honest, fair and direct. But best of all, she over-delivered. It is so nice to work with someone who is realistic, yet positive and guides you through the process in a stress free way.”


& Chef

Ludo Lefebvre

celebrity chef + restauranteurs

"Molly placed our very first project as a firm in AD- a dream I'd had since I was a little girl- and helped us secure the footing we needed to attract new clients. Editors love her- she's tenacious but kind, aggressive but polite, and we're always so proud to have her in our corner championing us."



co-FOUNDER + designer, hammer + spear




  • What if you can’t get my project placed? When we say "yes" to your project, it's because we are very confident that we can help you get it published. If, in the unlikely event, we cannot get your project published after pitching five outlets, you will not have to pay the remaining project fee beyond the deposit.

  • How many outlets will you pitch? We will pitch up to five outlets total with the goal of getting you one exclusive placement. Most all design publications want a project exclusively. Yes, this means leaving your hero images off social media and your website.

  • How long does it take to get my project placed? This varies from a week or two to many months depending upon many factors including what outlets we are aiming for (i.e. print takes longer to secure). We try to get your project placed as fast as possible, but the process does take time and we aim to get your project the best placement we can.

  • How long does it take for the press to come out? Digital placements are usually a faster turnaround—on average a month or two depending on the magazine's lead time. Print works extremely far out—a year to a year and a half is not uncommon.

  • Can you get me in AD or Elle Decor? The print issues have become a very delicate balancing act of celeb content, avant-garde design stories not necessarily tied to homeowners, cutting-edge architecture stories, and houses with incredible art collections. They are putting a much larger focus on digital, as their numbers have skyrocketed over the past year, so digital is now almost as competitive as print. Celebrity stories are a huge focus for both. If you have a world class project with these elements, we have secured placements in both AD and Elle Decor.